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William Holliday MsBA, CFP

William Holliday MsBA, CFP
President, Wealth Consultant

Our Mission

At Elite Wealth Management, our mission is to provide you with the information you need to create a practical, well defined, financial plan. Nothing gives us as much satisfaction as seeing our clients winning. We’re committed to helping individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and legal, medical, and sports & entertainment professionals reach their financial goals.

Our Values



Your advisor’s ethics should be just as important to you as their education and experience. The advice we provide will always align with the highest ethical standards.



Have you ever felt like someone you hired didn’t respect you or your time? We understand that your hopes and dreams will largely rely on your financial planning and don’t take that lightly. We are grateful that you’ve chosen to work with us.



We will work hard to deliver what we promise and ensure you’re reaching your financial goals. If you ever feel that we have not delivered or could do more to help you, we want to know.



Our disciplined communication will keep you informed and in control of your financial world. We will always disclose any potential conflicts of interest and answer your questions promptly and honestly so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

Elite Wealth - Who we are


Simon is a dentist who owns his own practice. He is concerned about his investments, retirement planning, and purchasing an investment property. He doesn’t have the time to dedicate time to this—and he knows someone else can do it better, so he’s looking for a trusted financial professional to take over these responsibilities.


Samantha is a surgeon entrepreneur and understands that her profession can be risky. She would like to put benefits in place for herself including disability insurance but does not know how. She is looking to find a professional who can help her to obtain benefits that may be challenging for her to get as a busy business owner.

Professional Athletes

Tyson is a 24-year-old professional athlete who makes 1 million dollars a year. His career might end in just four years, so he’s looking for a way to invest his money and enjoy an economically comfortable life—even after the end of his career.

Better plan for the future

A better plan for your future

At Elite Wealth Management, we help you with your comprehensive financial planning, investing, and reporting services that will keep you on a financially secure road. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to contact us today!

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