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Who is your typical client?fotex2022-04-26T00:09:27+00:00

Whether your goal is to accumulate wealth, preserve wealth, navigate significant changes affecting your finances, or to make plans for your financial future, we are here to guide you. Elite Wealth Management clients include high-earning professionals, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, retirees, and multi-generational wealthy families.

What personal services do you offer?fotex2022-05-26T19:55:33+00:00

At Elite Wealth Management, we don’t have a strict list of services that we abide by. If you would like assistance with something that is not mentioned on our website please ask us. However, the main services we offer include:

  • Buying or selling a business
  • Inheritance
  • Lawsuit settlements
  • Marriage and divorce implications
  • & more
How can I protect my wealth?fotex2022-05-26T20:39:42+00:00

There are many ways you can protect your wealth, such as planning for your estate, planning for your retirement, ensuring that your assets are protected, and being more tax-efficient. Contact Elite Wealth Management today so that we can determine the best way for you to protect your wealth.

What is wealth management?fotex2022-05-26T19:58:39+00:00

Wealth management is the integration of financial planning and investment, retirement, and portfolio management. Financial planning is the process of creating a plan to manage risk and minimize costs and expenses while protecting your assets. Investment in retirement portfolio management is about growing your portfolio to meet your future financial needs.

Why would someone need wealth management?fotex2022-05-26T19:59:15+00:00

Many people have hopes and dreams that require financial knowledge, but they don’t know what they need to know to make those dreams come true. I want to help them reach those hopes and dreams.

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